MedAPS – AAMC’s Medical Academic Performance Services

April 9, 2013 8:00 – 9:30am

Terri Cameron, MA, Robby Reynolds, MA
Association of American Medical Colleges

AAMCs development of MedAPS (Academic Performance Services (MedAPS) is rapidly moving toward implementation. MedAPS three tools (Curriculum Inventory, Accreditation Standards Self-Assessment Tools (ASSET), and the ASSET Dashboard) will use the vast amount of data collected by the AAMC and LCME annually to provide new options for continuous quality improvement and reduce the time and energy schools expend during the accreditation process. Curriculum Inventory and Reports is in development. The MedBiquitous Curriculum Inventory Data Exchange Standard will verify imports from vendor and school curriculum management systems. Data uploads will begin in summer 2013. Reports will be available in Winter 2014. Phase I of CIR, based on annual LCME questionnaire data, is available at The Accreditation Standards Self-Evaluation Tool (ASSET) is well into development and will be piloted by a group of schools in 2013 and be released in 2014 to schools with LCME Accreditation Site Visits in 2015-2016. ASSET Dashboard will build on CIR by using AAMC and LCME data to enhance schools ability to conduct regular reviews of their clinical, educational, and research missions and compare their performance against national and peer data. Dashboard reports will be available in 2014. Together, these tools will provide new, robust options that will help medical schools inculcate an environment of continuous quality improvement across their missions.