Making Medical Ethics and Law Curriculum Interactive, Nationally – UK.

April 9, 2013 8:00 – 9:30am

Sheetal  Kavia, BSc,  Carwyn Hooper, PhD,  Terry Poulton, Professor
St George's, University of London

SGUL trialled an interactive Ethics Virtual Patient (EVP) case within a lecture, in which students could consider optional management routes, and explore their chosen options. The pilot was a great success with the students and tutors. Since then funding has been obtained to trial a suite of text and video EVP cases covering a range of medical ethical issues in 20 medical schools within the UK. Most of the EVP cases have now been embedded into the medical ethics and law curriculum being delivered in both small and large group teaching sessions. Students and tutors have been asked to complete questionnaires to provide feedback on the use of EVPs for these teaching sessions. Within the first 2 months of delivering the EVPs we have already collected feedback from over 625 students. The feedback so far has been very positive; students clearly agree that the EVPs improve their ability to analyse ethic-legal issues and they found the cases stimulating, engaging and interesting. Because of differences in timetabling, most universities are yet to use the resources; a complete analysis of the results will be presented during the presentation. Subject to feedback, the plan is to create yet more cases, and release these for use outside the UK in both a web-based and mobile app format. EVP cases enable students to apply their ethical-legal knowledge in practice, to develop their decision making skills, and reasoning skills in ethical-legal situations.