Curriculum Mapping in a New Distributed Medical School

April 9, 2013 8:00 – 9:30am

Rachel Ellaway,  Michael Martyn,  Jeff Bachiu,  John Friesen
Northern Ontario School of Medicine

Curriculum mapping is no longer just a matter of internal utility; it has become an accreditation requirement, at least in North America. Developing a curriculum map for the Northern Ontario School of Medicine has been both a simple and a highly complex process. Simple in terms of connecting objectives, outcomes, events and assessments but complex in terms of normalizing formats, processes and language across the four-year curriculum and in building new workflows and procedures to support and sustain the map. This presentation will describe the ways in which technical and human needs have had to be accommodated and aspects of the medical program realigned to the de facto standards required of a curriculum mapping process. We will also explore the changing nature of curriculum management in the context of a curriculum map that was developed, at least in part, to democratize access to and engagement with our MD curriculum. We will end with reflections on standards issues in curriculum mapping.