There’s an app for that: Capturing feedback electronically to support learning

April 9, 2013 8:00 – 9:30am

Jill Konkin, PhD, Radu Vestemean, PhD, Bruce Fisher, MD, Holly Huber, MA,  Fred Janke, MD, Paul Humphries, MD, Peter Hamilton, MBBBCh
University of Alberta

Context: The Integrated Community Clerkship is a core 40 week Year 3 clerkship. Students achieve their Year 3 objectives in selected rural Alberta communities. Learners and their clinical teachers report that informal daily feedback shared during work together is key to guiding student learning. Intervention: The Field Notes System will capture this feedback in a user-friendly web-based application. It is accessed by either a desktop computer or mobile device. The system records essential information regarding the feedback provided to a student based on a specific patient encounter. Along with the feedback, the system will capture information about the patient, the most salient CanMEDS role, and the level of involvement the student played in the encounter. Feedback is captured as text. If it is corrective, a text box appears for entry of next steps. Students are expected to document 1 field note per half day. The Field Notes System is based on the Competency Based Achievement System (CBAS) developed by the Department of Family Medicine at UAlberta for use with residents. Discussion: The key purpose of Field Notes is to allow learner and preceptor to actively engage around informal feedback and through documentation to identify learning issues and to track growth over time. The Field Notes System captures this feedback process without interfering with the ease of delivery and value of the feedback itself.