Pathways for Open Resource Sharing through Convergence in Healthcare Education (PORSCHE)

Lindsay David Wood B.Sc., MEDEV, Newcastle University
Suzanne Hardy, B.Sc., Higher Education Subject Centre MEDEV, Newcastle University
Kate Lomax, B.Sc., NHS eLearning Repository, The London Deanery
Richard Osborn, B.Sc., NHS eLearning Repository, The London Deanery

Background: The PORSCHE project envisages seamless repository access to academic and clinical learning resources (LR) for healthcare students in the UK. Healthcare students train extensively in practice where they are supervised by clinical staff charged with providing education to pre-registration trainees. Access to National Health Service (NHS) online services for undergraduate student learning, especially those located in practice education, is limited. The project is part of a £5M open educational resources (OER) programme, funded by the Higher Education Funding Council for England and administered by the Joint Information Systems Committee and the Higher Education Academy. The NHS eLearning Repository (NeLR) is the leading repository for healthcare LR and is an extensible search and discover platform, while JorumOpen is the national learning repository for Higher Education Institutions.

Aims: The aims of this project are to deliver a substantial number of OER in healthcare education; establish the basis for a long term national partnership between the NHS and academia by sharing of appropriately licenced content between JorumOpen and the NeLR; achieve widespread uptake of the OOER good practice toolkit and recommendations; promote debate over the development of a Consent Commons (based on the notion of Clinical Commons, proposed by Ellaway, et al., 2006[1]); and establish the value of the services in enhancing the student experience in clinical placement settings. [1]Ellaway R, Cameron H, and Ross M. Clinical recordings for academic non-clinical settings, The University of Edinburgh (on behalf of the Joint Information Systems Committee), 2006: 94p. [Available at: accessed May 2010]