The Interagency EXCHANGE: Technology and Standards Solutions for Sharing with Multiple Agencies

Dawn Carroll MLS, Department of Veterans Affairs
MHaley Steele, PhD, Department of Veterans Affairs

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) currently shares online training with twelve other government agencies. Existing methods of sharing have proven successful, but are tedious, cumbersome, and sometimes complicated. Thus, VA has created a model and begun initial development of the “Interagency EXCHANGE” system, which incorporates a shared repository, metadata search and creation tool, and content viewing and testing abilities. From a metadata standpoint, the Interagency EXCHANGE system encompasses all educational training through the use of VA LOM, including healthcare and accreditation through the inclusion of the MedBiquitous healthcare LOM, as documented in ANSI/MEDBIQ LO.10.1-2008: Healthcare Learning Object Metadata Specifications and Description Document. The VA LOM with healthcare extension provides a standard way of describing educational resources, thus offering a way for the sharing and exchange of educational resources among government agencies. This presentation includes successes in Interagency Sharing, challenges encountered, and implementation of the Interagency EXCHANGE system and efforts.