Implementation of the MedBiquitous Virtual Patient Standard - Generalizable Best Practices from the eViP Project

Nabil Zary PhD, Karolinska Institutet

The main result of the eViP project (2007-2010) was a bank of repurposed and enriched multicultural Virtual Patients (VPs) from across Europe. The implementation of the Medbiquitous Virtual Patient standard (ANSI/Medbiq VP.10.1-2010) was therefore a necessary step in order to ensure that virtual patient packages were made available in a common interoperable format. The improvement of clinical reasoning using VPs necessitates a large amount of VPs. Sharing of VPs between institutions will therefore likely increase which will require from current and future developers of VP system to comply with the VP standard. The aim of this presentation is to highlight generalizable insights and best practices, gained during the eViP project related to the implementation of the standard such as (a) how expectations from different stakeholders impacts on the outcomes, (b) what factors will influence the implementation process, (c) the type of expertise and collaboration desired for this type of effort, (d) the quality assurance process needed and finally (e) the sustainability model that is required. Providing standard compliant VP packages ( and implementation best practices will support new implementers, who largely prefer to work from existing examples and documentation rather than interpreting full specifications.