An Evaluation of Mobile Phone SMS Text Messaging Technology for Managing Attendance at Academic Regularly Scheduled Series using ACCME PARS Web Standard

May 10, 2011 3:20 - 5:00pm

Jeremy Curtis Lundberg MSSW, CEO, DLC Solutions
Mila Kostic, BA, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
Zalman Agus, MD, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

In an era of shrinking budgets and resources, healthcare organizations are looking to technology to minimize costs associated with administering continuing medical education (CME). The ubiquitous nature of mobile devices and SMS text messaging capabilities provides CME providers with a novel method to tracking attendance at live CME events. In partnership with DLC Solutions, the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine Office of Continuing Medical Education implemented a pilot program comparing mobile SMS text messaging with other methods of attendance tracking for Regularly Scheduled Series (RSS) and live meetings associated with this large academic CME program. The mobile SMS text-messaging module was integrated with the learning management system, which leverages the ACCME PARS Web reporting standard. In the course of this technology demonstration, we will: [1] Describe the rationale for comparing SMS text messaging vs. other methods of keeping attendance at RSS and live meetings. [2] Demonstrate the SMS text messaging technology platform, algorithms, and underlying learning management platform. [3] Discuss the finding from the feasibility study, including participants’ response, considerations for effective implementation, and outcomes data. Join us as we present using demonstration and case study discussion to illustrate the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine Office of Continuing Medical Education’s experience implementing an SMS text-messaging platform for tracking RSS participant attendance. We will discuss our technological approach, practical considerations for the CME enterprise, and our findings.