Data Commons, a Web-services Data Exchange System in Development by AAMC and NBME

Kirke B. Lawton M.A., AAMC
Theresa Roselli, NBME

The Association of American Medical Colleges and National Board of Medical Examiners have jointly developed a data exchange framework that we call the Data Commons. The Data Commons, which went into operation in late 2010, uses Web services to facilitate secure and efficient information exchanges between multiple parties. The Data Commons is designed to reduce the time and effort required to establish and implement data sharing agreements from both the technical and legal/administrative perspectives. Key features of the system include: • A system for documenting, managing, and enforcing data sharing agreements; • Identity services to allow exchange of data between organizations without common person IDs; • Use of Professional Profile standard for the ID services and (optionally) for Web services exposed via the Data Commons; • Security and logging; • Potential for transaction-based fee collection for data exchanges (not yet implemented) We believe the Data Commons will be of interest to MedBiquitious conference attendees both in its own right and as an example of a collaborative Web services/data exchange effort between two organizations.