The Curriculum Inventory Portal: An International Health Professions Education Curriculum Inventory

Terri Cameron MA, Academic Affairs Association of American Medical Colleges

The AAMC’s Curriculum Inventory Portal (CIP) is a new tool that will greatly enhance health professions educators’ options for benchmarking and educational research. Building on the success and structure of AAMC’s MedEdPORTAL, the CIP will use MedBiquitous standards for competencies and learning objects to ensure that commercial and institution-specific curriculum management and learning management systems can exchange data, with the goal of eliminating the need for data entry. Instead, the focus of the CIP will be on serving as a repository for health professions education with a diverse set of reporting options. The CIP’s reporting options will provide a new tool for health professions educational benchmarking and research by including detailed demographic data that will allow institutions to benchmark against schools with similar demographics and allow researchers enhanced profiling ability. The CIP will allow health professions curricula to be entered in a manner that demonstrates the linkages between competencies and school, course, and session objectives. Mapping based on content will also be built into reporting options. The first phase of CIP development is focused on developing a curriculum inventory for US and Canadian medical schools. Additional phases will incorporate graduate medical education and practicing physician curricular data; other health professions curricular data; and curricular data from other geographic regions. The final product will be a resource for benchmarking and educational research related to health professions education across the continuum of healthcare education around the world. The AAMC spent a year soliciting feedback from medical educators in the US and Canada as the CIP was being designed and continues to solicit feedback from other health professions in other geographic regions as the CIP is being designed and implemented.