Community Action Planning for Educational Technology Interoperability in Health Professions

Community Action Planning for Educational Technology Interoperability in Health Professions – Sponsored by MedBiquitous in collaboration with WGEA CRIME

Health professions schools have unique educational challenges represented by the intersection of conventional instructional methods, teaching in the clinical setting and accreditation requirements. Finding an effective combination of tools/systems to manage a health professions education program is difficult, and centralizing data across systems is labor and resource intensive. Programs build a mosaic of system integrations based on past tool decisions, University requirements, licensing and availability of developers. As a result, these efforts are rarely transferable to other schools, resulting in parallel development and an absence of standard practices for interoperability. Using large and small groups, workshop participants will collaborate to address these challenges and engage toward standard building.

We are excited to offer this amazing session that will bring together the health professions, regulatory bodies, government and industry to engage on the topic of interoperability in health professions education.

To offer the best experience possible, we are asking individuals to apply to attend the session to ensure a diversity of viewpoints and guarantee a set number for attendance. 

Our current capacity for this session is 50. If there is enough interest, strong consideration will be given to offering additional sessions.

Online applications will be reviewed after September 8, 2020 at 11:59 pm, Eastern Time. Applications will continue to be accepted on a rolling basis until the session is full. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

The application for the workshop is available here.

After the conclusion of the workshop, we will post outcomes and final reports on this page.

Please return here for more information after October 20, 2020