Bring Competency Data Together

MedBiquitous Standards let you bring competency data together across schools, programs, or sites for a comprehensive view of learner competency and performance.

Open technology standards developed by MedBiquitous serve as a lingua franca for competency-based education systems. Standards make it possible to compile, compare, aggregate, exchange, and transfer data on competency-based education in a meaningful way. With standards-based competency data, organizations can conduct meaningful analyses of their learners, follow individual learners over time, or compare them to peers, as well as assess trends within or across organizations involved in various phases of the continuum.

Technology linking competencies, milestones/performance levels, and EPAs is essential to manage the complexities of assessing the health professions learner using a competency-based and performance-based model. Information on how MedBiquitous standards can be used together in support of Competency-based Education is available in Enabling Competency-based Education: An Illustration.

MedBiquitous has the following standards, specifications, and information related to Competency-based Education.

The Competency Framework allows competencies and learning outcomes to be used as the backbone of education and performance management systems, enabling users to search for resources addressing a specific competency and determine where competencies are addressed in the curriculum.

The Competency Object specification allows one to represent individual competency objects, including competencies, learning outcomes, objectives, goals, and other expectations. The Competency Object specification is meant to be used in concert with the MedBiquitous Competency Framework standard.

Educational Achievement standard facilitates the exchange of data about a learner's achievements and competencies across the continuum of professional education. It includes the ability to document entrustment decisions and achievement of milestones.

The MedBiquitous Educational Trajectory Profile extends the LEAP2A specification for e-portfolios. The profile provides a consistent format for describing the path of an individual learner through one or more programs of study, including informal professional development and breaks in matriculation.

The Performance Framework standard allows one to represent expected levels of performance related to a competency in a standard format. Performance frameworks can then be referenced from other data to make learner performance data portable and easily understood across a learner's career.