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MedBiquitous Community Connection: Sept. 1 Webinar Q&A

The September 1st webinar featured two presentations:

  • “A Modest Proposal: mapping out a strategy to extend our XML standards to provide for JSON”
  • “Innovation is the Enemy of Sustaining Effort. Or is it?”

Both topics were presented by:

  • Sascha B. Cohen, Director, Technology Strategy & Development, UCSF School of Medicine & Director of Strategic Development for Ilios
  • Jonathan Johnson, EdTech Operations and Support Manager, UCSF Library & Lead Developer, Ilios Project

The Q&A portion of the webinar is detailed below.

MedBiquitous Community Connection: August 25 Webinar Q&A

The August 25th webinar featured two presentations:

  • "Creating a Low-Cost Analytics Solution for Medical Education Data" featuring Aneet Bhattal, Manager, Business Intelligence, University of Virginia School of Medicine
  • "Development Process for UCF's HoloLens Augmented Reality Application on Cardiac Disorders" featuring Melissa Cowan, Instructional Learning Designer, and Michael Callahan, Director of Knowledge Management, both from the University of Central Florida (UCF) College of Medicine

The Q&A portion of the webinar is detailed below.

ANSI U.S. Standards Strategy 2020: Open for Public Comment

Now open for public comment is the American National Standards Institute’s (ANSI) first draft of the 2020 update to the United States Standards Strategy (USSS). This strategy details the guiding principles and approaches to how the U.S. develops standards and participates in the international standards-setting process.

The deadline to provide public comment is August 31, 2020.

MedBiquitous Community Connection: June 30 Webinar Q&A

The June 30th webinar featured two presentations:

  • "Driving the Golden Spike that Unites Learning Outcomes with Teaching Activities" with Hugh Stoddard, PhD, and Jess Bowling, BFA, CTS, CSM, both from Emory University School of Medicine
  • "Data Sharing and Collaboration for Health Professions Education and Credentialing" with Robby Robson, PhD, from Eduworks Corporation 

The Q&A portion of the webinar is detailed below.


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