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Get to Know Data Standards United! Feb. 23 Webinar

Data Standards United (DSU) is a collaborative of standards organizations and other stakeholders. Their purpose is to provide a place for standards organizations to share ideas and work together on potential projects with the goal to improve interoperability and reduce duplicate standards.

Join DSU's webinar to learn about the work, the future of data standards, and how to be involved!

Tuesday, Feb. 23, 11am ET

MedBiquitous Community Connection: Sept. 1 Webinar Q&A

The September 1st webinar featured two presentations:

  • “A Modest Proposal: mapping out a strategy to extend our XML standards to provide for JSON”
  • “Innovation is the Enemy of Sustaining Effort. Or is it?”

Both topics were presented by:

  • Sascha B. Cohen, Director, Technology Strategy & Development, UCSF School of Medicine & Director of Strategic Development for Ilios
  • Jonathan Johnson, EdTech Operations and Support Manager, UCSF Library & Lead Developer, Ilios Project

The Q&A portion of the webinar is detailed below.


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