Wide World of Standards Quarterly Update – July 2020

A lot has been happening in the standards world that will help move the great work of MedBiquitous forward to build a better future.

In the last few months, several international education and workforce data standards efforts have started. MedBiquitous has been participating in these efforts to ensure the health professions are represented.

MedBiquitous will be participating in two new standards development projects from IEEE SA (The IEEE Standards Association). The first is the development of an integrated learner record. This project will create guidance on elements of learner records, including trust and verification, ontologies, and data payloads. The second is the conceptual model for learning technology systems. This guide will provide a conceptual model and classification of data used by ALL learning technology systems.

Since the early part of this year, I have been working with a group called the Internet of Education (IoE). This group has the goal of creating a “future vision where every human on earth has access to quality education and economic opportunities.” A set of guiding principles is currently being developed and I have been asked to serve on the diversity and outreach nominating committee for the IoE Digital Trust (IDT) Co-Lab Board, working with the Trust over IP Foundation (ToIP). More information on this effort will be coming in the next few months.