MedBiquitous Quarterly Update – June 2020

Greetings to the MedBiquitous community.

In this quarterly update, I have several exciting things to share with you all. If you are primarily following news on MedBiquitous from this blog, please consider signing up for our newsletter by contacting

The images in this blog post share our road map for the first three years of the program based on input from the community.

MedBiquitous Relaunch and New Opportunities

I am happy to announce that as of June 9, 2020, MedBiquitous has officially relaunched as a program of the AAMC. Although we had hoped to mark this new chapter in person together in New York, we were able to hold a virtual keynote address featuring Marc Triola, MD (NYU), along with a program overview by me, Dr. Johmarx Patton.

The MedBiquitous team at AAMC has worked over the past year to reestablish the long-standing data standards program in support of all the health professions… but at the end of the day we need you and your input to make this program work. 

We invite former members of the MedBiquitous Consortium and those seeking to join for the first time to apply for participation. More information on the application process can be found here.

Join the Research and Alignment Group

To aid in the revitalization of our standards development efforts, and as a part of our new governance structure, we have created a new subcommittee of the Steering Committee responsible for harmonization with data standards outside of the health professions. The new MedBiquitous Research and Alignment Group has been tasked with maintaining our connection and collaboration with other standards efforts and investigating new technologies to explore. To join, please contact

The MedBiquitous ThinkTank

The MedBiquitous Program recently launched its virtual community, MedBiquitous ThinkTank. This community space is for health professions educators and technology innovators to actively engage in the dialogue and consensus-driven process related to developing data standards for health professions education, competence assessment, and quality improvement. Aligned with the current offering of our themed webinar series, we hope this is also a valuable space to continue the conversation around presented content. Discover more

Road to MedBiquitous Webinar Series

“The Road to MedBiquitous” webinar on June 9 launched our program and started a new set of webinars that will feature a series of themed, knowledge-sharing presentations and virtual community discussions that showcase the utility and efficiency of standards adoption. Running through October 2020, these upcoming webinars will demystify what data standards are and how they help stabilize spaces for collaboration and data sharing. We invite you to learn more about: 

  • The MedBiquitous Standards Development Program 
  • What data standards are and why they are important to health professions education and credentialing
  • Data sharing and interoperability needs for health professions schools and training programs
  • Hot topics within the standards community

Learn more about the series here.

ANSI Accreditation

We are currently in the process of submitting our application for ANSI accreditation. We will continue to keep the community updated as we move through this process.

From the three images in this post you can see that we have set out on a great journey on the Road to MedBiquitous. The next two years will be filled with great opportunities for the community to engage in development and education efforts to increase the adoption of standards within the health professions education and credentialing space. 

We look forward to working with you as we continue this journey together.

Best Regards,
Johmarx Patton, MD
Director of MedBiquitous