MedBiquitous Annual Conference will skip 2019, back in 2020!

Several people have inquired whether MedBiquitous will hold its annual conference. Because of the transition in ownership and the recruitment of the next director, AAMC and Johns Hopkins jointly agreed to not hold a 2019 MedBiquitous Conference.
However, AAMC is committed to a 2020 MedBiquitous Annual Conference. Although the exact location and dates have not been determined, we know it will occur as a one-day meeting attached to the 2020 AAMC Information Technology in Academic Medicine Conference (sponsored by the AAMC Group on Information Resources).  This conference typically occurs in early June each year so look for additional details being announced in late 2019.
In lieu of an annual conference this year, the leadership of MedBiquitous is putting together a variety of ways to hear from key stakeholders and keep the community updated during this transition. We will post upcoming events, which will include opportunities to join focus groups, receive MedBiquitous updates, and participate in visioning sessions, that will guide this next chapter for MedBiquitous.
If you have questions about the annual conference or any other questions about MedBiquitous, feel free to contact