Educational Achievement Standard Delivers Common Language for Documenting Learner Competency and Achievement

MedBiquitous is pleased to announce the launch of a new standard, designed to unify competency and achievement data to draw a complete and accurate picture of how a learner progresses throughout his or her career. The Educational Achievement standard, an American National Standard, will also streamline the process of documenting decisions about learner entrustment.

Let’s consider one example of how this new standard will impact learners. Envision that a pediatric resident with minimal experience is asked to examine a healthy newborn baby. In this scenario, the resident would conduct the examination under heavy supervision. As this pediatric resident gains more experience and trust, the level of supervision required gradually becomes less and less. This continues until that resident is skilled enough to practice independently. The Educational Achievement standard helps document the learner’s level of performance and entrustment each step along the way. Over time, the documentation creates a “trail” of progressive and chronological data that demonstrates the resident’s path of learning, including areas where he or she excels naturally as well as areas where additional instruction, supervision or practice are deemed necessary.

Essentially, the Educational Achievement standard enables systems to follow a learner through his or her entire career, from medical or nursing school to training, fellowship, and eventually practice, electronically.

Ultimately, the Educational Achievement standard could optimize certification procedures for clinicians, long-term. Certifying boards may rely on entrustment information to make decisions about physician certifications. These boards could use the standard to receive data on competency and entrustment.

Development and implementation of the Educational Achievement standard required tireless time, effort and commitment from our team. I would like to personally thank co-chairs Linda Lewin and Alan Schwartz, past co-chair Kimberly Hoffman, and the entire Educational Trajectory Working Group for the essential roles they held in bringing this important tool to fruition. You can see their comments in the press release.

Interested in using our standards to bring together data on learner achievement? Talk to your vendors about implementing the MedBiquitous Education Achievement standard, or see the overview for more information by clicking on