Check Out Our Brand New Web Site!

It’s no secret that all of us rely on the web as our number one “go-to” resource for information. That’s why having a web site that is accurate, up-to-date, easy to navigate, simple to understand and visually friendly, is so very important. We’ve known for a while that the MedBiquitous web site needed to be updated – better yet – completely revamped. It’s been quite an undertaking. It took time to identify our goals and opportunities, build a plan, and ultimately develop a web site that is comprehensive and cohesive, complete, organized and easy to use.

But … we did it!

Last week, a brand new MedBiquitous web site went live. Check it out at I am proud of the transformation we achieved, and I think (and hope) you will find the new site to be much more user friendly.  Here, you can find information about who we are, what we do, what are our priorities are, and the members who work so hard to advance the health professions. You can read how MedBiquitous standards support our three initiatives: bring competency data together, track achievements and credentials, and use data to drive improvement. There is a section devoted to MedBiquitous membership that describes our basic and sustaining levels as well as benefits of getting involved. You can also access our news, case studies that highlight member stories of impact and success, and of course, our blog.

But perhaps of most importance is that through our web site, you can access our standards. While I realize this isn’t “new news,” we have made some important changes. When you click on the standards page, you will now be asked to log-in to access our standards documents and guidelines. The first time you visit the new site, you can set up a username and password. This is a quick and easy process – I promise.

You might be wondering why we have made this change. Essentially, MedBiquitous is trying to gain a better handle on who out there in the health professions community is accessing and using our standards. Our standards always have been and always will be available to everyone (members and non-members of our organization) at no cost. And our XML schemas are available, as they always have been, without a login. Through creating an account and providing a small amount of detail about who you are and what organization you represent, we can take steps to better serve you moving forward! I thank you in advance for your understanding and support as we implement this new process.

Please, take some time to visit and navigate our new site, as I am sure there is an opportunity for you to learn something new. I welcome your input and suggestions on any topics that aren’t covered on the site that you’d like us to consider adding in the future. The beautiful thing about the web is that it can and should constantly evolve and change. And we intend to do just that with our new site!