Building tools to integrate our systems: The Curriculum Inventory API

With support and guidance from our Curriculum Inventory Working Group, many schools and companies have been successful in building tools to manage and share curriculum data, allowing us to analyze and critique our collective educational practices. These insights have proven to be extremely valuable in helping institutions assess, evaluate and integrate curricula. For the purposes of information sharing and connectivity, however, we can do so much more.

What’s needed is a new approach and an application programming interface (API) capable of connecting data across multiple systems – one that makes it possible for curriculum data to be transmitted and accessible “on demand.” That said, I am very pleased to announce that MedBiquitous is pursuing a new project to accomplish exactly that.

In the months to come, our Curriculum Inventory Working Group will be collaborating with focus on the development, application and dissemination of a new API, designed to connect and integrate curriculum data across systems. Our goal is to leverage the great tools and content that already exist and maximize the potential they have to work together. We want and need tools that share data with one another and function as part of an ecosystem. Picture your evaluation system seamlessly working with the curriculum management system to tailor evaluations to course objectives, or a dashboard that brings together information about the curriculum and student performance.

With agreement on a common standard, the potential exists for great benefit. As colleagues, we will gain a better understanding of industry best practices and opportunities for integration. Think about how many doors will ultimately open to improve education and learning for healthcare professionals!

We value your perspective. If you are a MedBiquitous member and you or someone from your organization is interested in joining the Curriculum Inventory Working Group to be part of this effort, please let me know by sending an email to