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Valerie Smothers vsmothers at jhmi.edu
Thu Apr 13 13:46:06 UTC 2017

Dear Standards Committee,

Please see the supplemental information from John Eastman below. Several voting members had questions regarding his proposed contributions to MedBiquitous, and Jeff Korab requested that I ask him to elaborate.

If you would like to change any of your votes, or if you would like to make inquiries of other candidate members, please let me know. Thank you!


From: John W Eastman - Disco [mailto:john at disco-health.com]
Sent: Wednesday, April 12, 2017 4:30 PM
To: Valerie Smothers <vsmothers at jhmi.edu>
Subject: RE: Application question


I appreciate your committee taking the time to request more information on how I can contribute.

My objective in the Disco Health project is to connect learners with the right CME through the data inside their EHR patient records.  Disco is the latin translation for ‘to learn’ and the outcome that I am seeking is to help physicians and their patients advance their learning.

The problem today is that machine learning is not helping the physicians to meet their learning objectives.  While Amazon suggests purchases and Netflix suggests TV shows - both based on machine learning from our data encounters with their sites - the EHR does not use the physician’s patient data to suggest to the physician which CME is helpful and which patient ed programs are available.

I have built a solution to curate CME and patient ed programs that is based on EHR data sets; this effort aligns closely with the MedBiquitous goals of shared curriculum competencies and shared data to expose medical education for all learners.

Like MedBiquitous, we also track CME requirements and performance and mapping this is experience that I have acquired.  My efforts are materially affected by development of data standards which impact CME providers and clinical code sets, so I am already invested in the work of the committee.

I am license attorney in Wyoming and my most recent project before Disco was the implementation of NCPDP standards for an eRx exchange platform we designed for Change Health Care.

Thanks for your time and I would be glad to contribute should the opportunity present.

John Eastman  I  Founder
Disco Health

On April 12, 2017 at 1:48:34 PM, Valerie Smothers (vsmothers at jhmi.edu<mailto:vsmothers at jhmi.edu>) wrote:
Certainly. Here it is.
John Eastman
First name: John
Last name: Eastman
Direct and material interest in standards committee work
I am building an open source platform for delivering CME inside the EHR.
Please provide a description of your qualifications for participation
20 year HIT start-up executive with seven start-ups; four of which had successful exits.
Interest category
Technology or content developer – including, but not limited to, software companies, IT service companies, medical education companies, and other developers of content or technologies.
The $200 fee is an undue financial burden
My project is at the prototype stage and the company has no clients and no revenue (yet!). Thanks for your consideration....

From: John W Eastman - Disco [mailto:john at disco-health.com]
Sent: Wednesday, April 12, 2017 1:17 PM
To: Valerie Smothers <vsmothers at jhmi.edu<mailto:vsmothers at jhmi.edu>>
Subject: Re: Application question

Hi Valerie,

I would be glad to supplement my application.  Since it has been a few months, can you send over to me what you have for my application so I don’t repeat my initial application narrative?


John Eastman  I  Founder
Disco Health

On April 11, 2017 at 6:52:04 AM, Valerie Smothers (vsmothers at jhmi.edu<mailto:vsmothers at jhmi.edu>) wrote:
Dear Dr. Eastman,

The MedBiquitous standards committee is voting on your application to become a member of the standards committee. They have requested more information to facilitate the vote. Please elaborate on your proposed contributions to the MedBiquitous standards committee.

Many thanks,

Valerie Smothers
Deputy Director
vsmothers at jhmi.edu<mailto:vsmothers at jhmi.edu>
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