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Alan Schwartz alansz at uic.edu
Thu Oct 13 14:49:32 UTC 2016

Quoting Valerie Smothers (vsmothers at jhmi.edu):
>Dear Standards Committee and Educational Trajectory Working Group:
>Section 8.2, Page 23, the Language element, indicates the language of the
>achievement data for a program of study. Would achievement data for a program
>ever be conveyed in more than one language? Are there Canadian schools that
>would have data in both French and English, for example?

I am not from a Canadian school, but that would not surprise me
at all. 

>Section 8.2, Page 23, Supporting Link, recommend multiple. That would allow for
>links to multiple supporting documents for the curriculum.


>Section 8.3.1, page 29 and section 8.6.1, page 63, Site – recommend adding a
>sentence to provide recommended usage.


>Section 8.3.3, page 36, Date – this is the date of assessment. Recommend adding
>clarification about which date should be used for assessments lasting more than
>one day – the last day or the first?

Agree, and I suggest the last day makes most sense.

>Section 8.3.3, page Observation Duration and observer role – Is it possible to
>have more than one observer? And if there is more than one observer, should
>each observer’s duration of observation and role be captured independently?

I think it is safe to treat more than one observer as more than
one observation, and therefore each would be captured as a separate
observation (of the same event).

>Section 8.3.4, page 39, 44, and 47 – Not Yet assessable - Are there other
>possible reasons for a score to be missing (withheld, restricted, invalidated,
>pending, etc.)? Should those be documented?

No opinion.

 - Alan

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