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Hi Valerie,

Could you kindly amend your records to make the College's representative Jan Spinder jan.spinder at surgeons.org<mailto:jan.spinder at surgeons.org>  and remove me from your mailing list.

We have requested previously that he should be receiving these emails on the College's behalf.



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Subject: [Standards] MedBiq Corrigenda ballot results

Dear Standards Committee Members,

Here are the results of the recent voting for the Curriculum Inventory Corrigenda.  A quorum voted!  All responses were affirmative; one response had comments with the affirmative vote.  The votes and any accompanying comments are included in the attached spreadsheet, Corrigenda_2014_12_01.

The Standards Committee has 35 voting members and 4 observers. Observers are those who have an interest in the committee's work and may submit comments for consideration but have no vote.

Twenty-four voting members voted, which constitutes a quorum. The Curriculum Inventory Corrigenda received 23 affirmative votes and 1 affirmative with comments vote. Votes by category are listed below:



General Interest







Affirmative with Comment










Thank you very much for your continued participation in the MedBiquitous Standards Committee and please let me know if you have any questions.


Gabrielle Campbell

Chair, Standards Committee


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