[Standards] MedBiquitous Corrigenda ready for review - Curriculum Inventory

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These are useful corrigendum.


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Hi, everyone. This is just a reminder that tomorrow is the last day for comments on the Curriculum Inventory Corrigenda. We look forward to hearing any comments that you have.

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Dear Standards Committee,
This is the first of two communications you will receive regarding MedBiquitous standards projects. This communication relates to the Curriculum Inventory. You will also receive a second message related to the Performance Framework.

The MedBiquitous Curriculum Inventory Corrigenda are ready for your review and comment as part of the MedBiquitous standards development process.
The Corrigenda are intended to correct errors in the approved ANSI/MEDBIQ CI.10.1-2013 Curriculum Inventory standard. The Curriculum Inventory standard facilitates the exchange and aggregation of data about health professions curriculum across the continuum of professional education and training. It is necessary to enable the aggregation of curriculum data for research and benchmarking purposes. The id attributes for several elements in the Curriculum Inventory were incorrectly given a datatype of string when they should have used the NonNullString datatype. The proposed Corrigenda and accompanying schema correct that error.  The Curriculum Inventory Corrigenda and corrected schema are available for download from:

The Standards Committee is charged with guiding specifications through the process of creating official ANSI standards and voting on the standards. The Standards Committee will work closely with the Curriculum Inventory working group to address any comments that are raised. Please gather comments from within your organization and submit those comments through this email list by August 13, 2014.  Following the comment period and our work to address and resolve comments, we will initiate public review and balloting of the corrigenda.

Thanks to all those Standards Committee members who have participated in the working groups that drafted the specifications, and thanks to all of you for your continued participation in developing common standards to advance healthcare education and competence assessment.

With kind regards,
Gabrielle Campbell
Chair, MedBiquitous Standards Committee

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