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Valerie Smothers vsmothers at jhmi.edu
Mon Mar 14 19:32:09 UTC 2011

Dear working group and committee members,

This note is just to let you know that we've extended Early bird registration for the MedBiquitous annual conference<http://www.medbiq.org/conference2011> through this week. The conference provides an opportunity for working groups to meet in person, and also provides an opportunity to highlight the important work you are doing. I know several of you submitted abstracts for the meeting - be sure to take advantage of the discounted registration rates!

We're fortunate to have two great keynotes - Bob Galbraith and Sachin Jain. Bob will be providing a vision for portfolios for lifelong competence assessment. Sachin will outline how EHRs can support professional education. We'll have reactor panels to both presentations to provide a context for broader discussion.  In addition, we'll have unconferences, demonstrations, and panel discussions related to:

*   Educational technology research
*   Virtual patients and simulations
*   Electronic portfolios
*   E-learning repositories and content interchange
*   Data Exchange supporting professional development and certification
*   MedBiquitous standards implementation
*   Solutions for competence measurement and tracking
The online agenda<http://www.medbiq.org/conference2011/agenda> has links to all of the abstracts for the presentations - we've got some great sessions lined up! Register this week for the discounted rate at http://www.medbiq.org/conference2011/registration . I hope you can attend! Below are some links to selected panel abstracts to whet your appetite for learning:

*         Playing Well With Others: Using Web Services For Interoperability and Content Interchange<http://medbiq.org/conference2011/abstracts/playing>

*         Using Electronic Virtual Patients To Develop Skills For Evidence-Based Medicine And Clinical Reasoning<http://medbiq.org/conference2011/abstracts/electronic>

*         Web-based Simulation as a Component of Continuing Medical Education: Data from the CSAT Project<http://medbiq.org/conference2011/abstracts/webbasedsimulation>

*         Formative Evaluation of the Implementation of the Medical Education Metrics Standard for Continuing Education<http://medbiq.org/conference2011/abstracts/formative>

*         Implementation of the MedBiquitous Virtual Patient Standard - Generalizable Best Practices from the eViP Project<http://medbiq.org/conference2011/abstracts/evip>

*         The Use of Distance Learning Technologies to Bring Simulation-based Critical Care Training to a Remote Community in Northern Canada<http://medbiq.org/conference2011/abstracts/distance>

*         The Curriculum Inventory Portal: An International Health Professions Education Curriculum Inventory<http://medbiq.org/conference2011/abstracts/curriculum>


Valerie Smothers
Deputy Director
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MedBiquitous Annual Conference 2011<http://www.medbiq.org/conference2011>
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