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Hi, Juliane.

Thank you so much for doing this!!! It is really helpful. I made some changes so that the document would be valid with the current (updated) schema and spec for the most part. I've attached a document that details the changes made and a valid XML file.

I also think the sample gives us a lot to discuss. For example, you put the Molecular Biology of Human disease course as an event - do we want events to be more granular, like the various lectures and activities in the 5 week course? Or is that up to the person implementing how granular they want to get? I'm not sure we can enforce our decision, but the nuance would affect the language in the spec and any implementation guidelines we develop. Also, if the report is retrospective, all the data would be for the year past - and all 4 classes if they are on the same curriculum.

The current spec does have additional elements to link events to sequence blocks. In addition, there are elements for things like percent effort, how many students participated, etc. The updated spec and schema are on the wiki at: http://groups.medbiq.org/medbiq/display/CI/Specifications+and+Schemas


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Hi, everybody!  I've been hiding from the heat by barricading myself in the office, and decided to take some time and apply what info I currently have about our curriculum to the mockup XML model we have (see attachment).  Since I don't have any info as yet on competencies, I concentrated on taking a course and a clinical experience and translating them to the Event section of the XML.  I also used the Sequence section to express the subsections of our curriculum.

It seems to work pretty well (although I wasn't terribly thorough with regards to attributes) but my question is how I link events to sequences.  There seems to be a way to do it as a two-step process through Objects, but shouldn't there be a clear way to link an event to a sequence of the curriculum?  I wasn't exactly sure which elements would show that relationship.

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