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Hi, everyone. We are extending the time to respond to this survey because we have had insufficient response to proceed. I realize some of you may feel that the technical side is beyond you. But if you feel we've listened to your concerns and addressed them, I hope you will take a moment to cast your vote for proceeding with a standards committee review. Following the standards committee review, there will be a public review and ballot with further opportunity for input. So this is not the end of the road, but it is a key point in the standards development process. The survey is open through May 13.

Please visit the following website to cast your vote regarding readiness of the specification to proceed to standards committee review. Thank you!



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Hi, everyone. This is a reminder to please let us know if you think the performance framework spec is ready for Standards Committee Review and balloting. We think we have this wrapped up. Do you agree? Do you have concerns? Do you have questions? Please let us know!

Many thanks,

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Dear working group,

The MedBiquitous Competencies Working Group has contributed much time and effort to the development of technical specifications for the exchange and dissemination of performance frameworks. The current version of the specification, version 0.43, is available for download athttp://medbiq.org/sites/default/files/files/PerformanceFrameworkSpecification.pdf. The schema is available for download at: http://ns.medbiq.org/performanceframework/v1/performanceframework.xsd . Version 0.43 reflects the following updates to the specification and schema:

*         Corrected typos and prepared manuscript for review.

*         Moved CompetencyReference from PerformanceLevel to Indicator as discussed on our November 20 meeting. This approach meets current needs in a more flexible manner.

*         Pointed to Common specification for documentation of Reference. (See: http://www.medbiq.org/sites/default/files/CommonSpecifications.pdf . This link is now documented as a reference. )

The MedBiquitous Standards Program Operating Procedures specify that when a working group believes a specification is ready, it send the specification to the MedBiquitous Standards committee for review and ballot. We've prepared a survey to gauge the group's readiness.


Please go to the survey linked above and let us know if you feel that the specification and schema are ready for Standards Committee review and ballot. The survey is open through May 9.

Thank you for all of your hard work! I will keep you posted on the survey results.

Best regards,

Valerie Smothers
Deputy Director
vsmothers at jhmi.edu<mailto:vsmothers at jhmi.edu>

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