[Ciimplementer] May 9 CI Developer-to-Developer Workshop

Terri Cameron tcameron at aamc.org
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We have scheduled a Curriculum Inventory Developer-to-Developer Workshop at the O'Hare Hilton on Friday, May 9. This workshop is intended for software developers who are writing XML exports from school-developed curriculum management systems for upload to the Curriculum Inventory. If your school is using a commercial or open-source curriculum management system developed by one of our Vendors (https://www.aamc.org/download/249510/data/cipvendordocument.pdf), it is unlikely that you would benefit from this workshop.

The session will begin with an overview of the CI Specification, Competency Framework, AAMC Business Rules, and Developer Resources, and include walk-throughs of XML showing PCRS to Program Competencies Mapping,
Event to Program Competency Mapping, and  Sequence Block and Event Detail Documentation.  Three school developers who successfully uploaded to the 2012-2013 Curriculum Inventory will share Lessons Learned and provide hands-on assistance to participants as they develop XML files.

Participants will bring laptops and write, validate, and upload XML code to create a successful Curriculum Inventory Submission that includes Program Objectives to PCRS Mapping and at least once course's detailed data.

A detailed agenda and more details will be posted to www.aamc.org/cir<http://www.aamc.org/cir>. Registration is required, but free. Travel costs are the responsibility of the school.

To register, please send contact information to tcameron at aamc.org<mailto:tcameron at aamc.org> by Friday, April 25.

Thanks to Valerie Smothers, James Galt, Ye Chen, and Saniya Saifee for serving as faculty for the workshop.


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